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Our main purpose at Dolls And Dolls is to provide our customers with a wide variety of beautiful quality dolls made with love and detail. That is why you will find the wonderful creations of the Spanish brand Vestida de Azul on our website

This young brand has its origins in Castalla (Alicante) in 2012. From the beginning they had a clear vision about the kind of product they wanted to make, becoming the first doll brand to bet on a 28 cm mannequin doll. Vestida de Azul’s dolls are characterized by having a high level of quality and detail, as well as the clothes and accessories that adorn them.

Its modern and colorful collections have injected novelty and innovation to the market, quickly winning the hearts of doll lovers and making Carlota its star product among collectors.

Also, Los Amigos de Carlota line offers options for all tastes and ages. It is characterized by its great ethnic diversity in which you can find Asian, Caucasian or African-American models, which allows each user to choose their favorite or the one they most identify with. For those who prefer dolls a bit bigger, the brand has Paulina, a beautiful collection with a lot of style.

In addition, the brand has a wide variety of dolls without clothes of 28 and 33 cm, which you can dress to your liking or, better yet, create personalized outfits yourself. Let your imagination run wild and design her colorful outfits for every occasion. Don't wait any longer and discover everything that Vestida de Azul has for you. We are sure you´ll love it!

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Without a doubt, the Carlota doll is the most symbolic of the brand. Its tender face and incredible finishes have made it the brand's star collection and a highly desired item by collectors. It has a vinyl body and joints in the head, shoulders and legs. It has a wide variety of models with different hair styles: blonde, red, brown, with bangs, with pigtails, afro ... among many others.

Carlota was probably the first 28 cm doll on the market. It quickly became the favorite of many. Its small size makes it perfect for collecting thanks to the little space it occupies on the shelf. In addition, they are very easy to transport and the little ones can take it with them wherever they go, whether in their hand, bag or backpack.

If you are one of those who are good at sewing and you like to personalize the outfits of your dolls, Vestida de Azul has available Carlota dolls without clothes. You can choose your favorite and create fun outfits for all kinds of occasions. In addition, on our website you will also find some outfits and shoes available to buy separately that could serve as a guide and inspiration for your creations. Let your imagination fly!

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Los Amigos de Carlota are without a doubt the funniest and most unique group of friends you will ever meet. They are 28 cm dolls that are made of vinyl and articulated on the head, shoulders and legs. The great variety of models that this wonderful line of Vestida de Azul has makes it an ideal collection to collect. Likewise, its great ethnic diversity makes it possible for adults and children to choose not only the doll they like, but also the one with which they identify the most or feel reflected on.

In the Asian group we have Umi and Kenzo, two beautiful dolls both with black hair and black eyes. Each of them is available in multiple versions and with super modern and colorful outfits. In Umi's case, you have the opportunity to choose her with long hair and bangs or with pigtails.

Within the Caucasians you are able to choose between three funny boys: Nylo, Albert and Hugo. In the case of Nylo and Hugo, they both have blonde hair (Nylo: straight / Hugo: curly) and blue eyes, while Albert has straight brown hair and brown eyes. Each one of them can be found dresses in different outfit options. They look very beautiful!

If instead you like African-American dolls more, you will surely fall in love with Brandy and Omar. They both have black hair and brown eyes. Omar comes with a voluminous curly afro, while Brandy usually comes with long straight hair or a curly high bun. On our website you will find both in different presentations from which you can choose the one you like the most.

In addition, each Los Amigos de Carlota doll is available without clothing. So, if you like to mix fabrics, colors and textures, these dolls are perfect for you. Let your creativity flow and create incredible outfits for each season of the year. You can dress them to your liking and give a personal touch to their style.

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Discover the Paulina dolls from Vestida de Azul and let yourself fall in love with their sweetness and beauty. They measure 33 cm tall and are articulated at the head, shoulders, and feet. This beautiful collection comes in a wide variety of colors and styles of hair, eyes, skin and clothes, so you can choose the one you like best. They are ideal to encourage activity and learning in the little ones of the house.

Have fun changing the look of your doll with the diversity of outfits and shoes that we have available for her on our website. Also, if you have a large wardrobe for your dolls or you like to collect dresses and accessories, Paulina without clothes is perfect for you. She will always be ready for any occasion that comes her way, whether it’s walking in the park, going to the movies, playing with her friends, going to the theater, etc.

We know it's frustrating sometimes when you're trying to keep your dolls standing for display or to put alongside your collection. By using the doll stands that we have for Paulina on our website, you will be able to show off your dolls on your shelves without them falling or wrinkling their dress. Both young and old will enjoy them to play or collect.

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